The Buttered Biscuit is more than a breakfast place. We exist to provide an honest breakfast using high quality ingredients that invites our guests to be real. We believe in serving our community through business by offering great food. As an employee of The Buttered Biscuit, you will have an opportunity to develop yourself professionally and have some fun while doing it. We offer a positive work environment, competitive pay, and a flexible work schedule. Apply today and become a part of the restaurant the town is talking about!

We are looking for:

Host: You are a vital member of the team as you provide the first impression for our guests. You are the one who warmly and personally invites them in. You are the one who sets the stage for a welcoming and honest breakfast experience. Thanks to you, our guests feel as though they are the most important person in the world - because to us they are! We expect hosts to show great teamwork, quick thinking skills, excellent communication skills, extroverted and positive attitudes, unguided direction, and a sense of urgency.

Server: You are personable, knowledgeable, warm, calm under pressure, work with urgency throughout the shift, and willing to go the extra mile for our guests and your co-workers. You are a master of anticipating our guest’s needs before being asked. You are a dining guide to assist them with their choices, take their order, deliver their meal with a smile and ensure an all around personable and perfect dining experience. You not only serve food, but you showcase what we have to offer at The Buttered Biscuit- award winning entrees, seasonal menus, a clean and warm atmosphere, and eager to connect with genuine care. You are the reason a guest chooses to return.

Grill Cook: You are the heart of our operation and the cornerstone of our entire menu. The kitchen is where the magic happens. Consistency is the name of the game, so it is important that our meats are always cooked to the perfect temperature, our eggs are light and fluffy, and our pancakes are piping hot. Your talent meets the high expectations of our team and our guests.

Dishwasher: You are the reason we can take pride in a clean environment. You dominate the dish pit and control the condition and output of our dish ware and equipment. You strive to be speedy, but also thorough.

Manager: You are our team leader. You manage the kitchen and, at times, help assist the floor when needed. You empower your team and lead by example. From menu features to inventory management, you are versed in every aspect of The Buttered Biscuit’s mission.

Application Form

We'd like to get to know you a little before we set up a time to interview. If you see yourself fulfilling any of these jobs, please fill out the application below. We also ask that you submit a 45-60 second video of yourself answering the question, “What makes you a good match to be employed at The Buttered Biscuit?” Please email your video to before your scheduled interview.

Before applying, it is highly encouraged to plan a visit to the restaurant and experience our culture and mission for yourself.

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